Deliveries from Costco may be getting a lot easier.

If you love to shop at Costco, getting great deals on 100 rolls of toilet paper, not to mention those delicious rotisserie chickens, but there’s one thing that you don't love – the lines.  Well, how great would it be if you could get your Costco ordered delivered to you and bypass the craziness?  It may soon be easier than you think.

The delivery service Shipt just announced they are launching a Costco delivery service, which will be limited to groceries, including perishable items.  It won't deliver things like apparel, furniture or electronics.  Shipt plans to launch delivery in the Tampa area first, but the company hopes to expand to 50 other markets, and more than 30-million households by the end of the year.

  • Of course the service doesn’t come for free.  Shipt, which is already working with Whole Foods and grocery chains like H-E-B and Harris Teeter, charges members $99 a year for the service, although they do get unlimited deliveries.  Deliveries are usually limited to within three or four miles of a store, and customers get a one-hour window when their items will be dropped off.
  • The deal with Shipt helps expand Costco's delivery options.  They already offer some delivery via Insacart, in states like Arizona, Colorado, California and New York.  And Costco isn’t the only company making deals with delivery services as more and more people are getting used to ordering items online in order to skip the store.
  • In June, Wal-Mart started testing delivery with Uber and Lyft, and there’s plenty of other delivery services like Amazon Fresh, FreshDirect and Instacart that will delivery groceries to people's doors.

Source: USA Today