Former abused dog finds toddler "barely alive" and freezing to death!

A Michigan family recently adopted a dog from their local shelter and now he's being called a hero!  He found a naked three-year-old girl, curled up and shivering outside in near freezing temperatures.  Peanut is our hero's name and his owners shared the story on Delta Animal Shelter’s Facebook page.

Peanut was running around their house, barking, and yelping, and when her owners let her outside, she ran straight to the field behind their house.  When her owner caught up, the dog was standing next to a ditch, where a naked little girl was curled up, “barely alive.”

The girl received medical treatment and is in the custody of Child Protective Services now.  

Peanut has come a long way from her past life.  The shelter says her former owner was recently convicted of abusing her.  Thankfully her new owners listened to her and let her out so she could save that little girl.

Source: Michigan Live