Dog Gets ‘Stuck’ In Pile Of Snow, Then Realizes A German Shepherd Is Watching Closely

A crisp snowy day can mean a lot of playtime for most dogs. Unfortunately for one poor canine, the snow quickly became the enemy. Luckily, she wasn’t alone.

In the video below, posted on March 29, 2017, a dog is standing in a thick pile of snow up to her neck. She is beside a green dumpster and looks at her owner as she hits record on the camera.

“Come on, girl,” the owner calls to her cold dog caught up in the white fluff.

The dog looks around and tries to lift her two paws one at a time. As each leg pops up at the surface of the snow, it becomes clear that she is struggling to move. With a heavy sheet of snow surrounding her in every direction, the dog ends up stuck and unable to make her way to her owner.

- Jess Butler,