How 'Coffee Naps' Can Improve Your Workday

We all hit that slump in the day around 2 or 3 pm where we just can't take it anymore and need a nap. 

Naps are a great thing, but sometimes they make us feel more tired and groggy than before. 

This might sound crazy, but it's being talked about as one of the best ways to wake yourself up in the middle of the day. You drink a cup of coffee and THEN take a 20-minute nap. This, my friend, is called the 'coffee nap'. 

Your body doesn't metabolize coffee immediately, so by the time you finish with a cat nap the caffeine is hitting you to wake you back into the work zone. 

According to, once you're up and you feel the caffeine, it makes the effects last EVEN LONGER. 

The only hard part? Finding a place at work to sneak away for a nap without it looking suspicious. Just tell your boss it's going to make the second half of the workday twice as productive!