How Much Your Clothes Cost Per Use

When you’re clothes shopping, a lot of factors go into deciding if we should buy an item or pass; How good it looks on you, what it goes with in your existing wardrobe, and how often you’ll be able to wear it. But one thing you rarely consider is how much it costs per wear.

Say you buy a dress for a wedding and spend $100 on it and only wear the dress twice, that means it costs $50 per use. But there are some things you wear so much, they get cheaper because of all the use you get out of them. And now My Voucher Codes did the math for you to find out what the cheapest items in our wardrobes are, based on how often you wear them.

They asked 2,586 people about their shopping habits and how much they wear certain clothing and they found that women tend to spend more on stuff they wear less and don’t splurgee on clothes they wear a lot. Here’s what they found the cost per wear is on some of their trusty wardrobe pieces.

  • Dresses - Women spend an average of $54 and only wear them about three times, so the cost per wear is around $18.

  • Pants - Women tend to spend about $51 on a pair and wear them an average of 19 times, so the cost is just $2.68 every time we wear them.

  • Shoes - At an average price of $37 a pair, after wearing them an average of 35 times, the cost per wear is only $1.07.

    • Pajamas - Spending $19 on a pair and wearing them an average of 40 times makes the cost per wear just 47-cents.

    • Jeans - The average price women pay for denim is $37, but they wear out jeans all the time, so with an average 298 wears, the price drops down to 12-cents per wear. And that makes jeans the cheapest thing in a woman's wardrobe.

  • Source: Cosmopolitan

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