‘I Will File A CPS Report’: Pediatrician’s Blunt Message About Vaccines Is Going Viral

Vaccines are one of the most hotly debated topics when it comes to parenting today. In recent years, many parents have opted not to vaccinate due to concerns over the shots causing autism. (Andrew Wakefield, the former doctor who spearheaded these fears with his 1998 research paper, lost his medical license after it was found that he lied about his findings.)

Pediatrician Dr. Mike Ginsberg posted a stern message about his opinion of “anti-vaxxers” (families who opt not to vaccinate) on his Facebook page back in 2015. The message gained attention at the time, and it’s going viral all over again.

“In my practice, you will vaccinate and you will vaccinate on time,” Ginberg’s post, which has since been taken down, begins. He continued on to say that parents who choose not to vaccinate will be asked to leave his practice. What’s more: “I will file a CPS [child protective services] report (not that they will do anything) for medical neglect, too,” he writes.

- Bridget Sharkey, SimpleMost.com