Know Any Of These Millennial Slang Terms?

This quiz on Buzzfeed about Millennial slang terms and I only knew about half of them. But I have to say, I'm kind of happy that I only knew half of them because they make me a little embarrassed to be a Millennial... Here are the ones I didn't know...

    • It’s when the other person in a relationship comes and goes intermittently, creating a lot of uncertainty
    • It means you’re flirting with someone before breaking up with your current partner so you have someone else as soon as the relationship ends
    • When one person shows affection to the other, but in an excessive way
    • Preventing your partner from meeting your friends and family
  • L.A.T.
    • When couples are in a committed romantic relationship but live separately. It stands for Living Apart Together
    • When someone reappears suddenly after having disappeared (follow up to ghosting)