Mom Gets Pregnant But Never Tells The Dad. 45 Years Later, Her Gut Says To Check Her Email

Vicki Michèle had great parents growing up but she always felt something was missing. Then when the man she spent her whole life believing was her father died the truth came out. Vicki had another father out there. A biological one that didn’t even know she existed.

Ian also had the sinking feeling that something was amiss in his life but couldn’t ever pinpoint it. Vicki and Ian were on opposite ends of the world but were still connected.

Once Vicki learned that she had a Dad out there, she began an exhaustive search to find him. Piecing together clues and contacting any and everyone she could find, she hit a dead end. About to sit down for Thanksgiving dinner she tries one last thing and you won’t believe what happens next!!

Watch the at the below link for the joyous reunion!