Most parents really dread Daylight Saving Time

Don't forget, Sunday is the beginning of Daylight Saving Time . . . and it sounds like parents are really dreading it.

A new poll by the Better Sleep Council finds that 50% of all American parents say DST affects their kids, with 29% saying that the time change makes it more difficult to get their kids to sleep.   And these problems don’t go away overnight.  Of the parents who say their kids are affected by DST, 94% say it takes two or more days to get their kids sleep pattern back, with 31% saying it can take six days or more.

For these reasons, 29% of parents say they don’t like changing the clocks ahead, although moms are more likely than dads to have this opinion (32% vs. 22%).  And it’s not surprising that parents are dreading the sleeping difficulties, since 24% already think their kids don’t get enough sleep, with 48% of parents saying they can find it frustrating to get their kids to bed on a typical night.

So is there anything we can do to avoid the effects of DST?  Well, the Better Sleep Council shares the following recommendations:

  • Go slow- Since we are less than a week out, try putting your kids to sleep 15 minutes early to get them ready for the change.
  • Create a ritual – Stick with your kids' bedtime routine, and maybe add an extra step like reading a book together or having them take a relaxing shower or bath before bed.
  • Keep it light – Don’t allow them to eat a heavy meal at least two to three hours before bed because it can affect the quality of their sleep.

Source: The Street