Photographer catches an "alligator crossing" that lasted half an hour!

There are lots of cool sights in nature!  In fact, lots of us would love to see, oh, I don’t know, a parade of alligators.  Yes, that's right!  In the Big Cypress Swamp in South Florida, photographer Bobby Wummer saw quite an amazing sight!  Bobby, who lives in Palm Beach Gardens, travels all over the state to photograph the different wildlife that lives there.  But In this video, he films something really stunning.  "It was the never-ending train of gators of all sizes,” Bobby wrote on his Facebook page. “They ranged from 2 feet up to 12 feet.”  It all starts with one gator strolling by on the path.  But he’s not alone.  Soon, a seemingly endless amount of alligators follows, one after another, almost as if they’re walking to the same beat!  You can see trains passing in the background as the gator parade continues, with as many as three gators crossing at a time.  “I give them plenty of room to cross, I never disturb nature,” Bobby said.  “I allow them to do their thing and never try and approach them.  The whole parade, according to the photographer, lasted about a half hour!  That’s a lot of gators!

Source:  Little Things