The strongest coffee in the world is now available here.

If you want some serious caffeine, look no farther than this coffee loaded with 702 milligrams!

Black Insomnia coffee is apparently the most potent brew in the world thanks to that amazing amount of caffeine.  And it’s available here for the first time.  To compare, this South African coffee blows away the Tall Starbucks Pike Place, which has about 230 milligrams in it.

To make their claim of being the strongest coffee a fact, the company sent bags of its coffee to a Swiss-based laboratory.  Samples were then tested and Black Insomnia was the strongest of those reviewed with 17.5 grams of caffeine per kilogram of coffee.

The company is hoping no coffee maker will “attempt to surpass this content in the interest of public health and safety.”

Before you grab a bag, remember that it can be a dangerously high caffeine level, so if you have a medical condition, think twice or three times!  

Source: Fox News