Things you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy 8 (and Bixby).

It looks like Samsung has recovered from the Galaxy Note 7 mess with a brand new phone.

Be prepared for some heavy duty changes to how you navigate on the Samsung 8.  Here are some upgrades you need to know about.

  • Kiss the home button goodbye.  It’s gone and so are the back and menu buttons.
  • The fingerprint scanner is on the back. There is nothing but glass in the front, so the security feature had to go somewhere.
  • You can turn the phone into a desktop computer with docking agent Dex.
  • Bixby is better than Siri on paper.  Among other things, the AI assistant can search for things using photos.  No other AI can do that yet.  Also, it translates in to 52 languages where Siri can only do 30. There is image recognition in Bixby.
  • The colors are boring.  You can only choose from gray, black, and silver.  But then again, with an all glass front, a case is a must and would cover up the color anyway.

Source: Gizmodo