This unusual pie is catching on in Britain

If you love pie and you want to try a new, unique kind, head to Britain.  It's British Pie Week and some pastry chefs at the company "Pieminister" have whipped up a new creation featuring crickets!  A spokesman for the pie makers says they were inspired by Mexican street vendors who often sell cooked crickets. The British pie version known as "The Hopper" mixes crickets with black beans, tomato sauce, chipotle chili and sour cream sauce.  It's finished off with fresh lime and coriander.

Before deciding on crickets, the vendors had considered a concoction of scorpions and giant water bugs! One British pie fan exclaimed as he heard the news “If I wanted to eat bugs I’d go into my garden and turn over a few rocks.”

You want to see what this delicious pie looks like?  Click Mirror