Uber driver discovers her boyfriend is cheating when she picks up his mistress!

A Uber driver found out the hard way her boyfriend was cheating on her . . . by driving his mistress right to his front door!  The woman, who goes by Msixelaa, tweeted the entire story, which has now gone viral. 

After saying goodbye her boyfriend, who claimed he was flying to New York to see his sick mother, Msixelaa started her shift as an Uber driver.  She picked up an excited woman who said she was going to see her boyfriend for the first time in a while.  When they showed up at the apartment complex, her boyfriend walked out and offered to help with the mistress' luggage. 

The driver says that's when "the devil rose up out of me" and her now ex-boyfriend started to run.  At one point she started hitting him and the mistress tried to defend him and hit the original girlfriend.  The scorned woman ended her story by confirming she drove off with the mistress' luggage and is now enjoying the single life. 

So far, Msixelaa's story has been shared hundreds of times and has earned her the nickname #UberBae.  You can read the whole story by clicking HERE.