Video game may be a great "lazy eye" treatment.

If you’ve got a pesky lazy eye, get ready to toss the patch!

Researchers are looking at different ways to treat lazy eye, a common condition in which one eye develops normal vision and the other doesn't.  Doctor Fatema Ghasia [[ GAH-SEE-YAH ]] with the Cleveland Clinic says standard treatment includes the use of a patch over the good eye, but researchers are now trying new technology involving an electronic game.

A recent study looked at two groups of children with lazy eye over a two-week period, with one of the groups playing the video game and the other using eye patching.  The children in the game group showed more improvement than the children in the eye-patching group.  Doctor Ghasia says the study was very short term, making it difficult to know how the game would hold up to the eye-patch treatment over time.

Source: MetroSource

Photo: Getty Images