Watch this iPhone explode in the man's hand

An Australian man who was showing his damaged iPhone to a repairman got a shock when it “exploded"!

The phone’s owner was taking it in for a repair.  When he pressed on the screen to show the problem a big puff of smoke suddenly came out of it.  Because of similar issues with other models and iPhones, shop owner Simon Owen was able put the fire out quickly.

Simon said he’s grateful the owner brought the item in.  "Imagine if he was driving down the highway at the time.  Our service counter has a giant hole in it!"

This comes after that incident where a pair of headphones exploded while being worn on a flight from Beijing to Melbourne, Australia.  Two hours into the flight, a female passenger woke to a loud explosion and felt burning on her face, leaving her with a burnt face, hand and singed hair.

You can see the store camera catching the moment that iPhone catches fire by clicking on Sydney Morning Herald

Photo:  Getty Images