Bully Thought It Would Be Funny to Expose 13-Year-Old Boy to Cheese Read m

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Police say a 13-year-old boy recently suffered a severe allergic reaction after being exposed to cheese at William Perkin Church of England High School in London.

Two weeks later, Karanbir Cheema died.

A teenager has since been arrested and charged with attempted murder as details of exactly what happened are starting to emerge. Apparently, it was well-known that Cheema suffered from allergies.

There were some conflicting reports on how exactly the boy was exposed to cheese, but it seemed clear it was the work of school bullies, the Daily Mail reported:

It has been claimed Karan was "forced to eat" the cheese but others have said it was "flicked at his face" while his mother claimed the food was "rubbed against his neck." […]

His mother Rina struggled to control her emotions as she demanded answers as to how her son, who led a normal life despite his allergies, had managed to become exposed to the cheese.

She claimed police and William Perkin C of E School kept her in the dark about the events which led to Karan's death on Sunday.

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- Jason Howerton



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