"Dilly, Dilly" & Nudity: 10 Silly, Early Prop Bets For Big Game

Prop Bets are always part of the Big Game!  They're so crazy and fun to bet on with your friends while you watch the game.  Prop Bets give the casual fan some rooting interest during the game.  Check these early one Las Vegas has come up with: 

1. Will there be a wardrobe malfunction during Justin Timberlake's halftime show? (Must expose intimate part of body)

Yes +1500

No -4000

2. Will Janet Jackson make a halftime show appearance?

Yes +400

No -600

3. How many times will word "Dilly" be said during broadcast?

Over 12.5 (-115)

Under 12.5 (-115)

4. Total number of Donald Trump tweets during game?

Over 2.5 (-115)

Under 2.5 (-115)

5. Will Donald Trump take part in pregame interview on NBC?

Yes +360

No -500

6. How many commercials will Peyton Manning appear in during broadcast?

Over 2.5 (-115)

Under 2.5 (-115)

7. Will Tom Brady be wearing a bandage on his right hand?

Yes -130

No +100

8. Color of liquid thrown on winning coach

Clear (water) +200

Green/Yellow +300

Red +500

Blue +500

Orange +750

No liquid thrown +1500

9, Will Al Michaels or Cris Collinsworth say "Danny Playoff"

Yes +240

No -300

10. Will Al Michaels or Cris Collinsworth say "GOAT"

Yes +360

No -500



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