Hundreds Hold Candlelight Vigil For Taco Bell In Alabama!


This past week, a 24-hour Taco Bell in Alabama erupted in fire, and not Fire Sauce. All that remained was but a taco shell of the building's former glory. The blaze destroyed the restaurant but not the spirits of hundreds of patrons. Roommates, friends, and others stopped by to pay last respects and took a melodramatic pictures of others lamenting towards the heavens in front of the remains. That picture got some attention locally and online. This triggered a wave of Taco Bell-oriented mourning and appreciation, which culminated on the night 1/21, when the community gathered to hold a memorial vigil. This is a brief video montage showing some of the moments from this night to remember. 

P.S. Nobody was hurt in the fire, and the people were informed that the Taco Bell employees will be filling in at other locations in the city until the Zelda Road facility is rebuilt, so you can enjoy this guilt-free.

Customers held a candlelight vigil Sunday night for a Montgomery Taco Bell destroyed by fire. The Taco Bell in the 2600 block of Zelda Road partially collapsed after catching fire. About 100 people came out in support of the location, paying tribute and remembering their favorite Taco Bell.



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