Jobless Mom Of 3 Texts Friends For Help Out Of Desperation, Doesn't Realize Error Until Too Late

A typo on Facebook ended up changing the course of one homeless woman's life forever in the most miraculous way.


Amy Rickel, of Appleton, Wisconsin, was homeless and unemployed with three children -- one of whom was 4 years old -- the holidays approaching and a broken-down car, WPXI reports.

She tried to reach out to a friend on Facebook for warmth and prayers.

After sending a Facebook private message opening up about her troubles, she soon realized she accidentally sent the message to a stranger with a similar name to that of her friend.

But that mistake would end up turning into one of the biggest miracles of her life.

Apologizing for the error, Rickel meant to move on with her life but the stranger, Brian Van Boxtel, had a different idea.

"He was like, 'Nope!'" said Rickel. "God puts us in people's lives for a reason."

Boxtel told her he would come and pay for her hotel.

That was just the beginning of his help.

Suddenly, he had an idea: He persuaded Rickel to open up a GoFundMe crowdfunding account. 

- Sheena Vasani,



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