Man Gets Tired Of Shoveling Snow, Builds 'Snow Plow'


A Pennsylvania man was having a hard time keeping up with the heavy snow right before the new year. After about fifteen minutes of shoveling, Jonathan Schill decided he needed a snowplow to finish the job. That's when he got creative. According to the Chambersburg Public Opinion Schill got out his riding mower, and strapped a box from a 50 inch TV to the front of it. 

His do-it-yourself snowplow worked great, and his fiance couldn't resist recording a video of him riding the new plow. She uploaded it to Facebook were it quickly went viral, racking up over ten millions views

The box was surprisingly resilient, and could have been used again to plow the driveway, but Jonathan decided for a more permanent solution, making a plow out of wood and attaching it to his mower.  



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