School Apologizes For Homework Assignment on Slavery


A private school in Wisconsin is apologizing after a homework assignment asking a fourth-grade class to list the "good" reasons for slavery next to the "bad" ones.

One of the student's parents, Trameka Brown-Berry, spotted the offensive homework and posted an image of her son's answers to her Facebook page with the caption, "Does anyone else find my 4th grader's homework offensive?" 

The photo quickly went viral, and was shared thousands of times on Facebook, and provoking anger on Twitter as well. 

The school, Our Redeemer Lutheran School in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin apologized in a letter sent to parents on Thursday, agreeing that the racially charged homework should not have been assigned and "showed a lack of sensitivity." 

“The purpose of the assignment was not, in any way, to have students argue that ANY slavery is acceptable — a concept that goes against our core values and beliefs about the equality and worth of people of all races,” the letter read.



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