Yikes! Here's The Reason Why You Should Never Throw Away Your Boarding Pass

If you've ever taken a plane then you know that you absolutely need a boarding pass to be allowed through security and onto the aircraft.


Upon boarding a flight, most of tend to discard the pass into the trash, leave it on the plane, in a cab or hotel room. Well, ladies and gentlemen, you should stop doing that!

A video from USA Today has recently surfaced with shocking information on how your boarding pass can tell a lot about you then you'd expect. The report reveals that the QR code on your boarding pass can be used by hackers to get your personal information including your home and email address. It could also reveal details about your "your future travel plans, and your frequent flyer account" according to KrebsOnSecurity.  All they'd have to do is use a barcode scanner app to gain access.

- Awa, Shared.com



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