12 New Moons Are Discovered Circling Jupiter And One Is “A Weirdo”

How did everyone miss twelve new moons circling around our solar system’s largest planet?

The International Astronomical Union has confirmed 12 new moons circling the Jupiter.  That brings the total up to 79.  The new moons are smaller than Jupiter's main ones, and are in a farther orbit.

Most of the newly discovered moons orbit in the opposite direction of the rotation of the planet.  Some of them have orbits that intersect, which means they could eventually collide.  The smallest is orbiting with a batch that circle the opposite way around Jupiter and takes one a half years to complete its orbit.

The discovery was made as scientists were looking for Planet Nine past Pluto, who was downgraded from the ninth position.  No word if they found it.  It looks like they got distracted.

Source: Space

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