Huge, Shaggy Head of 40,000-Year-Old Wolf Unearthed in Siberia

A local resident in Serbia came across the ultimate prehistoric find recently.  While strolling along the shore of the local Tirekhtyakh River, he stumbled upon the severed head of an ancient wolf. The head had been well preserved by the permafrost that it still had a full head of hair and sharp fangs. 

The head belonged to an ancient species of Pleistocene wolf. The man handed the ancient head over to scientists, who dated it to over 30,000 years ago.  Their analysis also revealed that the wolf was fully grown and was between 2 and 4 years old when it died. 

The head is on display at a museum in Tokyo as part of an exhibition on woolly mammoths and other frozen creatures. Scientists want to study the DNA of the ancient wolf and see how it relates to current wolves and dogs. 

Source: Serbian Times

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