Massive Brawl Breaks Out On Cruise Ship And Plates Go Flying

Things got out of hand on a British cruise ship after plates and furniture were reportedly used as weapons during a mass brawl. 

Six people were hurt as a result of the brawl on P&O's Britannia. The ship sailed to Southampton after a week-long trip to Norway's fjords. Families went running as passengers reportedly were picking up furniture and plates and using them as weapons. 

A number of injuries had been reported after the brawl that ended up with a 43 years old man and a 41-year-old woman being arrested on suspicion of assault 

All the people suspected of being behind the violence were confined to a cabin for the last day of the cruise.

It all started after a black-tie evening and an afternoon of "patriotic" partying on deck when large amounts of alcohol were consumed. The incident was sparked by a passenger taking offense at another passenger dressed as a clown.

However, P&O denied there was someone dressed as a clown on the ship.

Police are investigating the brawl.


Source: The Independent

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