Officers Catch Bobcat On Top Of Burger King Roof

Police officers in New Hampshire found themselves in a "Whopper" of a rescue situation this week when they had been driving around a parking lot of a Burger King restaurant. One of the officers thought he saw a kitten in need of help under a parked car in the lot. When he got out of his patrol car, the kitten took off and that's when the officer realized this wasn't an ordinary house cat. The officer noticed the cats stripe running down its tail and realized this was a newborn bobcat. He ended up calling in the Fish and Game officers after the cat climbed a tree and ended up on the roof of the Burger King. They had to temporarily suspend traffic in the drive-thru at Burger King as the Fish and Game officer climbed the roof and spent several minutes corralling the animal before cornering it and putting it into a crate. They determined the bobcat was healthy enough to be released into the wild and that's what they did. 

Chris & Rosie

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