Now We Know Why John Dillinger’s Relatives Want His Body Exhumed

Now we know why the famous gangster’s relatives are having him exhumed.

They want to know who's in John Dillinger's Indianapolis grave. At least two of his relatives don't believe it's the iconic gangster. Dillinger's family members say they are exhuming his body from his grave at the Crown Hill Cemetery because they believe the FBI shot and killed the wrong man back in 1934.

Mike Thompson and his sister Carol say they were presented with evidence that shows the name shot in 1934 may not be their uncle. The proof includes "the non-match of his eye color, the ear shape and protrusion from the head, the fingerprints not matching, the existence of a heart condition, and the apparent non-match of the anterior teeth."

The FBI says that's nonsense. The whole thing, from the exhumation to the DNA testing will be part of a to-be-aired History Channel show.


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