After Hundreds Of Snake Eggs Are Smuggled Onto Train, Some Hatch

What could possibly go wrong after bringing over 500 snake eggs onto a train, in a box? Plenty. And it did.

A Chinese man is facing possible charges after some of the snake eggs he brought on a train hatched. Railway officials in northwestern China say that they found highly poisonous King Cobra snakes crawling around in a luggage room, which they traced to a package carrying more than 500 eggs. Hot conditions within the train car were said to have made around 25 of them hatch, and 11 produced the live snakes.

The owner of the package was located and confessed that he bought the 510 eggs in order to turn them into medicinal wine and sell it on the internet. Wild animal experts came and took the snakes, while the man was cited for a regulation which prohibits large parcels carrying live animals from being transported on the train. Local forestry police are still investigating the incident.

Source:Global Times

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