Surfers Are Painting Eyeballs On Surfboards To Scare Sharks Away

So the last thing you want to hear if you're a surfer is the words great white shark. Great white sharks have been seen with increasing frequency around the coasts of the US in recent years due to the booming seal population. A group of surfers has come up with a way of protecting themselves, with a giant pair of eyeballs.

Surfers are sticking large eyes on the bottom of their surfboards to deter sharks from attacking them, as more and more sharks are sighted off the coast of the US. This is a technique being used by surfers to stay safe from attacks, which are still extremely rare but can certainly be fatal.

Great whites are the most dangerous of predators, and researchers believe that they are less likely to attack if they believe they have been seen, hence the eyes.

Australian surfer Shanan Worrall founded Shark Eyes in 2017 after he was involved in three great white sharks attacks, and lost a friend to one.  Surfers are also adding stripes to the legs of their wetsuits, which they hope will make them look less like seals, the main prey for great whites.

And even though the chances of getting bitten by one are only one in 3.75 million, it's still better to be safe, than sorry.

Source: Instagram 

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