Mom Demands 1-Hr “Silence Period” On Vacation With Kids

Anyone who has vacationed with their kids knows it’s far from relaxing at times. Kids need to be entertained, and are always talking, and going and doing. Well, all of that got to be too much for one single mom so she has imposed a new vacation rule that is dividing folks on the Internet.

The single mom wrote on Mumsnet that to get even a little bit of peace on her family vacation she’s imposing a one-hour “silence period,” where her two kids, ages six and nine, are not allowed to utter a peep.

“I’m on my own with them. We are having a lovely time. But my goodness - the talking,” she writes of her trip to Menorca. "It does not stop. And they constantly need my validation - watching them jump in the pool / dive / throw a beach ball etc etc etc.” She adds, "It gets to the end of the day and I’ve been imposing a silent one hour after we get back from the beach. And I take it seriously and brutal! If they attempt to talk to me, about anything - I cut them off with a shush.”

While she acknowledges that some might find her actions “appalling,” she adds, "I just feel it’s never ending otherwise,” and then asks, “Anyone else relate and so similar? Or am I taking it a step too far?!" 

  • Internet opinion on the woman’s one-hour quiet time was definitely mixed, with some calling it “way too harsh,” and one person suggesting, “Find something to distract them, a film, books, iPad etc. While you have some peace but not ordered silence.” Another commenter added, “Would you want not being allowed to talk as a big part of their memories from holidays?"
  • But not everyone was against the mom’s rule, with at least one person praising the idea, noting, “I do this every afternoon with my 4 and 5 year old. Good for everyone."

Source:The Sun

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