Mom’s Hilarious Reaction To What Her Kindergartner Took To School

North Carolina mom Espesa Jugosa Fupa’s kids had only been back in school for three days before she had her first cringe-worthy experience of the new school year. As the proud mother of three girls ages 10, seven and five, she knows kids can get into mischief, but now she’s officially seen it all and she shared the funny story in a now-viral Facebook post for our entertainment.

It all started when Espesa’s kindergartner asked if she could bring some body lotion to school one morning. The mom agreed to the innocent request and told her daughter to get the travel-size one out of her top drawer. In the rush of the morning, she never checked her daughter’s choice and forgot all about it until she got a call from the girl’s teacher 15 minutes after she dropped them off at school.

She writes that the teacher, Mrs. Richardson, was laughing hysterically when she called and she asked if Espesa knew what her daughter used to put on her legs. The mom told her yes, Jergens lotion, but the teacher said it definitely was NOT.

"I get to the d*mn school and see her all shiny so I'm thinking to myself, why did she take the baby oil?" Espesa writes. "The teacher pulled out what my daughter was putting on her legs and it was some d*mn KY Jelly. If anybody — and I mean anybody — wants a child!"

Source:The Stir

PHOTO: Getty Images

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