Two "Game Of Thrones" Prequel Series Could Happen

It looks like “Game Of Thrones” fan can expect not one prequel series, but two. According to Entertainment Weekly, HBO is close to ordering a pilot for a second “Game Of Thrones” prequel, after already wrapping filming on a previously-ordered pilot starring Naomi Watts.

But there’s a big difference between the two not-yet-titled projects. The first pilot starring Naomi Watts is set thousands of years before the events in “Game Of Thrones,” before the Targaryens and their dragons. Meanwhile, this new one is said to be based on the history of the Targaryens, leading up to the house’s civil war.

This is just more proof that HBO is set on finding a solid follow-up to their most popular and award-winning series of all time. But it is a unique effort by the network – this is the first time HBO has ordered a sequel or prequel series to one of its hit shows.

Source:Entertainment Weekly

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