Student In Dorm Died Eight Weeks Ago And Was Just Discovered

How long would you have to be missing before anyone bothered to notice? For a college student in New Zealand, the answer was two months.

Police, school administration and government officials are investigating a death in a dorm room on campus after a student had been found in his room, undiscovered for almost eight weeks.  

Officials called it "horrific" and "inconceivable" that something like this could happen these days. The male student had apparently been lying in his dorm room, dead for almost two months and nobody noticed him. The student's father had actually contacted police with concerns about his son weeks ago. 

The only reason anyone found the student was because other people in the dorm room started to complain about a smell.

Police have not said how the student died or what circumstances surrounded his death. 

The dorm at this university costs nearly $16,400 for the 2019 academic year, which lasts 41 weeks. The university says the dorms house first-year students and is fully catered.

Source: STUFF

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