School Bars Parents From Using Phones At Pickup Time

St. Peter’s CE Primary School in England is a typical school. At pickup time, kids come running to greet their parents . . . only to met with mom or dad on the phone. School officials decided to take action and have now banned phones on the property as school lets out.

In social media post, they laid the guilt trip on hard by asking “How many of you are so engrossed in a conversation with your friend or on the phone, that you forget to say to your child ‘Hi how was your day?’ smile warmly at them or give them a hug?” Ouch.

Now parents have the chance to be present with their kids and hear all about their day. But it’s about more than paying attention. Officials believe talking with your kids will boost their vocabulary. A recent study showed half of five and six-year-olds had a limited vocabulary.

  • The school also says it will strengthen mental health. St. Peter’s takes that so seriously they offer yoga to the students. As far as pushback? The school notes “Ultimately the school belongs to us. It’s our rules.”


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