Couple Caught Cheating At Wedding Thanks To Photo Booth

While photo booths at weddings can be a great way for the happy couple and guests to snag a fun reminder of the festivities, there’s at least one guest out there who wishes they never got into the booth to begin with.

According to a post on Reddit, two guests at a recent wedding were caught making out in the photo booth, which wouldn’t be too embarrassing, except for the fact that the gal was there with another date, and the guy was actually married to someone else. Oh, and the make out apparently happened in front of his kids.

The couple's indiscretions were discovered when, the day after the wedding, the DJ posted the pictures for the wedding couple, and the guests to see. As you can imagine, the guy’s wife wasn’t at all happy, and wound up sharing the pictures on Facebook to shame her hubby. As the poster noted, “yeah, it’s pretty awful.”

  • Needless to say, folks on Reddit were shocked and mortified by the photo booth couple’s actions, although one person joked, “At least this absolute dumpster fire is captured with great photos.”

 Source:Fox News

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