WV Man Marries One Of His Daughters After Murdering Her Boyfriend

A West Virginia man admitted to authorities that he married one of his two daughters after helping both of them kill another man and dump him in a shallow grave. Larry Paul McClure admitted to state investigators that he and his daughters, Amanda Michelle Naylor McClure and Anna Marie Choudhry came up with a plan to get rid of John McGuire, who was dating Amanda.  It appears that the three of them hit John McGuire in the head with a bottle of wine, tied him up, injected him with two vials of meth, then strangled him.  To finish it off, they dug a grave and dropped him in. Amanda and her father then hopped in a truck and traveled to Virginia and married each other. Police haven't announced a motive yet and Larry says that he has no idea why Amanda wanted John McGuire dead. 

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