Philippines Shopping Frenzy Makes Our Black Friday Look Tame

This is the moment that makes Black Friday stampedes seem like leisurely walks in the park. Bargain-hungry shoppers in the Philippines went berserk when sellers arrived with bags of used designer dresses priced at just 35 pesos, or about 70 cents, according to Newsflare. As soon as the merchants opened the bags in General Santos City on November 16th, the shoppers abandoned all forms of civility and began grabbing for the wares, tearing at the clothes as they tried to yank them from others. Video of the free-for-all shows the locals climbing atop the tables and tussling with each other as they battled to scoop up as many pieces as they could. Onlooker Cristine Santos said the most competitive of the group were likely those hoping to resell the cheap clothes for a tidy profit. “The people were just going wild trying to get their hands on the clothes,” she said, adding that the top-branded clothes offered for rock-bottom prices arrived from abroad.


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