The Craziest Black Friday Item For Sale Is At Costco

We all know how crazy Black Friday can get. It's amazing what people will look to buy just to save a few bucks. There are also some items that are going on sale that make you shake your head and ask, "Who would buy that?"

One of those crazy items can be found at Costco this Friday.  It's a three-person sauna.

First of all, why three people? If you are a couple, who is this third person sitting in a sweat chamber with you? Maybe it's just three pals hanging out and having a good sweat together, but the odd number just feels, well, really odd.

Second, who knew that Costco even sells saunas? That store seriously has everything. We love to be able to pick up groceries and spa equipment under the same roof. Synergy!

As for the actual deal itself, the Dynamic Lugano three-person sauna will be on sale for $1,399.99 through December 2nd. That's a savings of $800. 

But don't forget, if you want to snag this sauna or one of the other great deals from Costco, make sure you have a membership. 


Source: Mashable

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