You Don’t Have To Buy Your Boss A Holiday Gift

It’s the season of giving, but what are the ground rules for the workplace? Staffing firm Robert Half’s latest survey on the subject shows over half of workers give co-workers a gift. And about 35% extend that to their boss as well.

Thing is? Bosses don’t actually need to be given gifts at all. “Obviously your boss has a lot of power over you and privilege and clout," says author Lara Hogan. "It’s very strange and potentially awkward to give a gift at work.”

So don’t feel pressure to give management a gift. “ Ask A Manager’s” Alison Green says etiquette is gifts in the workplace flow from the top down, not the other way around. Secret Santa exchanges depend on the company and culture. If you insist, however, then shoot for a free present: useful feedback.

Source:Huffington Post

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