Cops Looking For Fan Whose Sign Caused Massive Tour De France Crash


Photo: Getty Images

Fans of cycling and sports in-general are no doubt aware of the massive crash on the first day of the Tour De France on Saturday. During the race, a fan could be seen holding up a sign that read, “Allez Opi-Omi” – translated, that means “Go Grandma & Grandpa.” That sign did make the TV feed, but it also got in the way of one of the cyclists, who went down, causing a domino-effect that led to one of the worst mass-crashes in the in history of the race . . . we’re talking dozens of competitors biting it. Cops are now looking to make an example of the sign-holder, and when the person’s found they can expect full prosecution . . . which could include a fine of over $18K and up to a year in prison. By taking it seriously, authorities hope to discourage future sign-disruptors, intentional or accidental.

Source: LAD Bible

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