Nurse Had No Idea She Was Pregnant Before Giving Birth At Gas Station

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A Texas woman made a pit stop on the way home from a trip to Houston, telling her husband she’d be right back. But once Kaitlyn Fullerton was inside the Pilot Gas Station bathroom, she quickly realized it might take longer because she started giving birth right there. It was the surprise of a lifetime because she had no idea she was a full nine months pregnant! The 22-year-old says she was standing up the whole time and explains, “I felt the head and then he just came right out and I grabbed him.”

She was shocked, but imagine how her husband, Sergio Mancera, must have felt when a woman walked up to him and told him, “Hey, your wife just gave birth!” He rushed to his wife, blown away that she had delivered their new son alone in the few short minutes she was in the bathroom. Luckily, the birth went quickly and easily for Kaitlyn as her instincts kicked in and her training as a nurse helped, too.

The couple has named their newborn son Callihan and he weighed in at a healthy seven-pounds and three-ounces. After getting checked out at the hospital, both mama and baby were given a clean bill of health. Sergio has shared the incredible birth story on Facebook, praising his wife’s amazing strength and he’s given her the nickname “Superwoman.” Even the gas station folks are impressed; the Pilot Gas HQ has given the family a “welcome” gift basket and a free year of gas and coffee - something those new parents are going to need!

Source: Cafe Mom

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