Army Wife Includes Deployed Husband In Christmas Card Brilliantly

Target and Starbucks will get her through... and her amazing sense of humor!

Andrea Pritts-Smith's husband is in the army and deployed this holiday season. So she thought of a creative way to include him in their holiday Christmas card with their daughter.

Andrea writes, "Deployments are HARD. I struggle A LOT and somedays I want to throw in the towel and beg the Marine Corps to return my husband and her daddy to us, but we all know thats not how this lifestyle works."

She continues, "But regardless of this hard situation I think it’s important to know that no matter the distance between us we will always be together in our hearts, and daddy is never too far away to be watching out for his little girl. Until then, there’s always Target + Starbucks to get us through. Haha."



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