If You Missed The Total Eclipse You Have To Wait 7 Years For The Next One

On August 21st, Americans witnessed a total solar eclipse that spanned from Oregon to South Carolina. Millions of people headed outside to get a glimpse of the rare event. If you weren't able to view it because of bad weather, or some other reason, you only have to wait seven years for the next one. On April 8, 2024, the East Coast will get another shot to view the total solar eclipse.

The 2024 eclipse will travel from Maine to Texas and be visible to people in Cleveland, Dallas, Austin and Niagara Falls.


Niagara Falls looks to be the main destination to view the rare event. You might want to book your rooms now, before they fill up. 

After 2024, here are the other upcoming solar eclipses that will happen over the United States. The eclipse in 2045 will be the only one to travel from coast to coast, going from California to Miami. 

  • March 30, 2033
  • August 23, 2044
  • August 12, 2045
  • March 30, 2052 


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