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It's National Wine Day! Here Are Nine Fine Wine Facts

Happy National Wine Day! To celebrate, here are a few wine facts:

1. Red wine is our favorite type, followed by white, and then rosé. The most popular reds are merlot, cabernet, pinot, and red zin.

2. The top mistakes we make when drinking wine are holding the glass by the bulb instead of the stem . . . opening it wrong, and getting pieces of cork in the bottle . . . and mispronouncing the name when ordering wine at a restaurant.

3. How many glasses of wine do you usually have in one sitting? 74% of wine drinkers say one or two. 9% said they usually take down a FULL BOTTLE themselves. That's five glasses.

4. The average person drinks over three gallons of wine a year. It's been going up pretty much non-stop for decades. 50 years ago, we drank half that much.

5. Which country makes the best wine? 19% of Americans say the United States, which is good enough for second place. 21% say France. Italy is third at 18%.  ("Don't know" was the top answer at 32%.)

 6. Three in four people say the best place to drink wine is at home.

7. The #1 thing we consider when picking out a wine is the price. Two-thirds say it's a big factor. Brand name is next, and then alcohol percentage.

8. How much does a good bottle of wine cost? 42% of Americans say anything over $10 qualifies as a "nice" bottle.

9. In a blind taste test, do you think you could tell the difference between a cheap bottle, and a really good bottle? Only 36% of us think we could.


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