Here's The Wealthiest Person In Each State

Curious to know who the wealthiest person is in every state? What about here in Virginia & West Virginia?  Simplemost just released a list with the help of Forbes.

"Forbes has been tracking the wealthiest people in the country for three decades. You’ll likely not be surprised by some names on their 2018 list — like Mark Zuckerberg — but it may shock you that some people you’d expect to see are not there, such as Bill Gates. "

In Virginia, it's Jacqueline Mars. She's worth $23.8 billion.  Who is she?

"She owns around one-third of candy and pet food company Mars, Inc., which was started by her grandfather in 1911."

In West Virginia, it's Jim Justice II. He's worth $1.9 million.

"Jim Justice II inherited a coal business from his dad and now owns coal mines in five states. He is also the governor of West Virginia and owns the Greenbrier Hotel, which was built in 1778."

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